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Boosters on Pre-Paid plan

New Pre-paid customer. I have a $15 baseplan and 2 boosters on my pre-paid plan. I assumed my boosters would just keep auto renewing every month but today is the last day and I'm not seeing signs that they're going to take the money from my account. Do my boosters go away every month and I have to re-purchase them every month?

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Hi Morgan, No, actually the beauty of boosters is that they don't expire - whatever you have left, you can use in the months or years to come (as long as you keep your base plan active). I usually buy the biggest boosters available - you can even stock up with a few boosters so you'll never be suddenly without! I love it that way 😃 I do agree though that an auto renewal WOULD be nice, if I'm not mistaken that has been suggested to Koodo but not sure if they will implement it one day 🙂 As for the baseplan itself, yes you can auto renew that - I set it to auto top up with $15 so it's never inactive.
@Sophia, Couldn't have said it better myself!! Boosters > I'm so proud that Koodo could introduce a add on that never expires until you have used 100% of it. It was nice to stock up on 10GB of data during the holiday bonus data! Enjoy Koodo Prepaid, its the carrier that actually lets you save money while pre paying your service plan 🙂 All the Best Hayden