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I bought a prepaid simcard with a booster, but the booster is not working. It's a basic 15$ plan, and I bought a 100 minutes booster. What do I do?

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Did you buy the booster after you topped up on self serve?
No, I bought the booster at the same time I bought the prepaid
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If you have a credit of $10, the 100 minute talk booster has not been applied yet, (if you dial 611 from your phone, you will hear your current account balance). Dial 611 and from the Main Menu, press 2 to buy a booster. Enter your security pin to proceed. Press 1 to purchase a booster. For a talk booster press 1. Press 2 for the 100 minute talk booster. The system will see that you already have a credit of $10 (if this is the case) and should apply the $10 amount to the $10 talk booster.