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Blackberry Social Plan for Prepaid Customers

Koodo, you really need a Blackberry Social plan (unlimited facebook, twitter, bbm, etc) for prepaid customers. Comparing what prepaid services you offer to Virgin Mobiles $35 prepaid smartphone plan, is making my choice easier each day... even though I really want to hook up with you guys instead. >.>

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Go post paid 😉.
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Cast wrote:

Go post paid 😉.

Sometimes it's not that easy for everyone.
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You're right Ahmad, it isn't easy for everyone to go on post paid. I applaud Lunaz for sharing her desire to use Blackberry social features on her prepaid phone. At the moment our prepaid Blackberry's don't have data services so I definetly understand where she's coming from. I'll make sure to let our prepaid team know that there is a demand for additional data features on our prepaid Blackberry's, hopefully everything works out 🙂