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Billing question after account ownership transferred

I am a new comer to Canada, and opened my Koodo account with my cousin's Driver license last year. I usually used this phone number and account. Just at the christmas holiday, I got my own driver license and transferred the account ownership to my name and got a new account number. My question is I paid the bill of the previous account at Jan 3, before the due date(Jan 28). Right now koodo asks me to pay for the new bill of the current account, and the new bill starts from Dec 31. I know I have to pay for the new account, but how can I get the money back remaining in the previous account???

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What you did in the first paragraph is illegal and it's called fraud... Just letting you know. Anyways, if there is a credit balance remaining on the old account you have to call Koodo at *611 from your Koodo phone or 1-866-995-6636 from any other phone and they will send you a cheque.
From my understanding, you can't get money transferred to another account if there was money owing on a previous account. Only if there is a credit remaining after the account is canceled would you be able to have that money transferred over. And as Ahmad mentioned, never ever use someone else's info ot set up account under your name. I'm surprised the account wasn't suspended due to fraud.
Thank you, Ahmad and MarcusF. I called *611 she said I should wait until the bill cycle is closed, then I ask her for more information. And the old account is under my cousin's name, I just use it. Now after transaction it's under my name. We did not know it was illegal, all the business was done by a guy of a koodo service desk in a mall.
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What he did was not illegal since everything was under his cousins name. I do the same thing with my common law wife. Everything is under her name except my account has my name on it to be able to use the account and purchase new phones ect.