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billing day keeps moving

i started my phone on the 22nd because i get paid on the 20th so its a guarantee that i will have the money in there for automatic top up. but i have been noticing that it keeps changing my date. if the bill date is the 22, it should always be the 22. in jan/feb its 21st, mar 22nd, apr/may 21st, june/july 20th, aug 19th, sept 18th, my next one is october 17th. luckly i had enough in my phone account to cover or i would have lost all my minutes because i would have bounced.

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Hi Cory,

Your base-plan is good for 30 days. As you might have noticed, some months have 31 days whereas others have 30. Therefor, if your renewal is on the 1st of the month, then you are good for 30 days, until the 31st of the month. 

For pre-paid, as long as your account is not deactivated for 90 days, you will not loose anything. So if you can't renew for a few days, then you won't loose out anything. 
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Prepaid works on a 30 day renewal, not a monthly one, so the day will advance through the year, as about half the months are 31 days long. To my knowledge, all prepaid functions in this manner.