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better straighten this out

I am getting tired of KooDoo I have been a pay as you go prepaid customer for 4 yrs now and my service expired on the 27th,yesterday,well today I just added my monthly fee of $25 and now it is telling me I still have no services,when I entered the pin number it said I added the money successfully I am so tired of this happening And I was going to get monthly but now I am seriously looking into going somewhere else pissed to the gill

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Did you make sure you used part of that $25 to get a base plan again? If you just added money you may not have picked a base plan, and your prepaid account wont work without one. You should be able to do it online.
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Also, if you want you can enable automatic top ups, you get a free 100 minute booster when you add a card for auto top ups as well as a 10% credit everytime you top up. This will also prevent you from being late to top up so you won't lose service. Hope that helps 🙂