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Best/Easiest way to migrate two prepaid numbers to my postpaid account?

  • 22 June 2019
  • 4 replies

I manage three numbers, the main number is a monthly account and the other two are prepaid accounts. I'd like to simplify things by adding the two prepaid numbers to my monthly account and only have one bill to deal with a month. What is the easiest way to do this and are there promotions I could take advantage of. Thanks.

4 replies

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You can not add prepaid plan to your monthly account. Unless, Do you mean change your prepaid to a monthly plan?
Yes that is what I mean. Transfer my existing prepaid numbers (they will become monthly) onto my existing monthly account. Ie: three numbers, one bill.
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Open two new lines on your post-paid account, then port over your prepaid numbers.

Do this when your prepaid balances are as close to zero as possible as you will lose any remaining $/boosters/data/days.

From time to time Koodo used to have incentives to switch from prepaid to postpaid. With the new wider range of prepaid plans, that may have gone by the boards.

Someone familiar with the set-up for client referral credits might be able to chime in and give you some hints on discounting the new lines if feasible.
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This link should help.

I thought a prepaid sim could be converted to a monthly sim but that was a while ago

Also make sure you use the refer a friend for adding each of your lines to your account.