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Battery Percentage

  • 30 June 2015
  • 6 replies

"Cell Standby" and " Phone Idle" both use 50% of battery power. Is this normal? Seems excessive! A battery booster App was installed and WiFi and bluetooth are not used and turned off.. The phone is only used for texting, photos and telephone calls. GGG

6 replies

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What phone is it, is it the Galaxy S4?
What phone is it, is it the Galaxy S4? No. It is a HTC Desire 320 Android
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How long is your battery life? If it is multiple days and phone idle and standby is 50% then I think that is good/normal. It means no other apps are sucking power.
Battery life is 24h with little or no use.
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If the phone sees little or no use, then yes, I would expect most or all of the battery life would be used by idle or standby processes.
Yes, this does make sense. Thanks