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Base plan renewal

I changed my base plan today. Today is the day my monthly plan starts. Does my new plan start at the next cycle or will I get billed so I can have more data this month?

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I believe for prepaid once you change it, it starts from that point onwards.
With prepaid your new plan changes right away to whatever you have chosen.

Changing your base plan

You can change your base plan any time in Prepaid Self Serve.
If you're changing your base plan while there’s an active base plan already on the account, remember that the change is applied immediately. We're not able to refund you for the remaining days in your current base plan.

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Kevin71 wrote:

I changed my base plan today. Today is the day my monthly plan starts.

Are you on prepaid (add funds in your account to renew), or monthly /postpaid( you receive a bill)?

If it's prepaid, then it will change right away as Goran said.

It it's monthly plan, it's also take effect right away (within 20 minutes or so). You will receive confirmation email. Also you can check your plan through self serve.
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Just a heads up, it's best to change your prepaid plan on the LAST day of the renewal date, NOT the first... because if you change it on the first day chances are you will be billed double (once for the old renewal, and then again for the new cycle).