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base plan for prepaid phone

I just added a top up card and also added another 100 booster add on a few days ago... then I just checked my account and I have 30 dollars in it and the base plan plus the add on is 25 dollars... and it says that the base plan has expired... I don't get what is going on...

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Hi Amber, It sounds like you don't have enough funds to cover the baseplan. Which baseplan do you usually get? $15, $25, $35 or $50? You need enough funds to cover the cost of the baseplan in order for your phone to remain active. The $25 add-on is a 500 minute talk booster. You added a $10, 100 minute talk or 100 MB data booster. What was the amount of the top up card?
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Hey Amber! Were you able to figure things out? Let us know 🙂