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  • 30 December 2021
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Hi so my base plan that I’ve been using regularly has been fine, my data was working yesterday but I tried using it tonight and it wasn’t working, so I logged into my pre paid account and it says my base plan is expired. I still have data left and it doesn’t need to be renewed for another few days, plus my calling and texting still works so I’m confused as to why my data isn’t and why it says it’s expired. 

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3 replies

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You need an active base plan in order to to use any of your talk or data boosters.




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Check the renewal date of your base plan.

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Could your credit or debit card on file have expired?

I have my husband on prepaid and the Visa debit card on file with Koodo expired. I received a new one a few weeks ago, but I forgot that the prepaid account was paid with it. It is virtually the ONLY auto withdrawal that I have with anyone that is paid with Visa debit.

Anyway, it was 2 days after the withdrawal date that we were notified by Koodo that they were unable to make the withdrawal as the card on file was expired. Not sure if services were effected or not over these 2 days, but could that be the reason for your issues?