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automatically top-ups

I have prepaid plan.
also, I am using automatically top-ups. BUT
today it doesn't work.
So, my account (2) was expired.
I don't know why.
Yesterday, my other account (1) was expired. the date for top-ups was on Sunday(Nov.13th), so my credit card didn't charge. next day(14th) charged automatically. 

BUT,   the date for top-ups for my account (2) was Nov.15th, Thuesday, but why didn't working for paying?
I don't understand.

Now, my account(2) shows me below;
  • Automatic Top-ups
  • You are currently registered for automatic top-ups.
  • Next Automatic Top-up: Nov 15, 2016
  • Automatic Top-up Amount: $15.00

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Hi Sophia, are you still having this issue? If yes, can you ensure your credit card is up to date (i.e. not expired)? thanks 🙂
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Hi Sophia 🙂 In addition to what Levis said, if your automatic top up did not go through and if your plan expired because of it, you will need to manually top up - just once - to "trigger" the system to renew your base plan. After that your plan should renew as usual with auto topup.