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Automatic Top-Up -- I don't understand what to do with it

I have a $15 per month plan & chose 10% top-up.   The $15 plus tax comes off my credit card monthly.   I now have $21 Current Balance.   What exactly am I able to do with this $21 Current Balance.   Can I use it one month to pay my $15 per month plan?  If I cancel my phone with a Current Balance with Koodo, do they give me that money back?  Just don't understand why I actually have this.

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You can use it in different ways, Pat. You can save up until you have $25 and get a talk booster with that, or save up until you have $30 and buy the largest data booster.

If you have no interest in boosters, you can temporarily lower your auto top up to $10 or $5 and use up your funds up slowly - then when it reaches $0, change auto top up to $15 again.