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Automatic top up but base plan expired !

I signed up for automatic top-up for my prepaid $15 monthly fee with a VISA debit card. 
From my bank account I can see the top-up has been paid during the night but my account this morning is still suspended (not only checking Koodo's web page but also with my cell). 
If I want to talk to a rep they take $ 5 (unheard of) !
Is this normal with Koodo ???

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Hey Steve, Its free to call in for billing concerns. The $5 charge is for things you can do on self-serve yourself, like topping up or adding/changin boosters. So call Koodo at *611 from your Koodo phone and a rep will be happy to assist you
Thank you, it was apparently a "glitch in the system" :) 
Hope it doesn't happen again