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Automatic top up but base plan expired

I signed up for Koodo prepaid a month ago on the $15 plan.  When I signed up I got some boosters and set up automatic top-up with my credit card so I wouldn't have to worry.  

Well today is renewal date so I logged in to self serve to check on things and see the following information:

Balance:  $16.50  
Base Plan Renewal Date: Expired

Why is it expired if I have I automatic top-up?  Why is it expired if I have sufficient balance for renewal?  I had better not lose my boosters.

It feels like some sort of glitch.  There seem to be others on the forum with similar problems.  I'm not too worried, but it is rather frustrating.

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Well that was quick.  I just dialled *611 to check things that way and got a message that my service was suspended.  Then I hung up in disgust.

Then I checked self serve again and I've been properly renewed.  My balance is back down to $1.50 and my expiry is in August.   I wonder what the trigger was?  The *611 call?  My post here (unlikely)? An hourly or half hourly automatic check on my balance?  It's still an annoying glitch but at least my boosters are intact.
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Hi Mark,

"Hanging up in disgust" is not why it was automatically renewed for you. Most likely, since it was your first automatic renewal there was most likely a slight delay in the system when it charged your credit card and renewed the base plan. Most likely, this won't happen again from now own and if it does contact *611 and ask them why it's happening, but try not to hang up if you don't like what the rep is saying, he has nothing to do with it and the more kind you are with them the more inclined they will be to help you!
Thanks for the reply Matthieu.  Hopefully this won't happen again.  It might have been bad timing as well.  I checked first thing in the morning (Atlantic time).  I never got a text that I was suspended or expired.  The only notice I got was when I actively checked using self serve or *611. If I had waited until later in the day to check I may never have noticed a problem.  

I didn't hang up on a rep, just the prerecorded message that told me I that my service was suspended.  This message was the first thing I heard when I dialled.

Other than the hiccup today, I've been happy with my service.  And I'm saving a ton.
I have $80.00 in MY ACCOUNT but when I try to get auto top up from my account it doesn't work my auto top up charges my credit card ?............? Don't understand
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D.k. Scott Holness wrote:

I have $80.00 in MY ACCOUNT but when I try to get auto top up from my account it doesn't work m...

You should be able to lower your auto top up amount.  So system will use the fund/balance in your account to renew your base plan.  Then you can adjust the top up amount again to put enough money to renew yur plan.
what is the fix for this?  I'm on auto top up, but my account showed expired, but then took the payment and now says Active, but can't send or receive text.  It's been two days now.