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Automatic boosters renewal and topup

Hi, I'm new to Koodoo. I want to pay 15$ per month + I want the 1GB data booster and the 500 Min talk booster. I want to set it up once and not have to lift the little finger again! The way your website works now, I'll have to come back on the website everytime my booster will need to be renewed. Here the idea : Please enable automatic renewal and top up when a booster is about to be empty! Please! If you do so I will recommend your easy to use service to my dad, my mom, my uncles and hunts. They all need me to set it up once, and they want to forget about it after. Can you do this for us please?

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If you want to set it up and never lift a finger again then why don't you go with a post paid plan? There's no contracts so you can still leave at any time with no penalty. Just pay what you owe and your free to go. Plus since you already have a phone you'll start with a $0 tab and begin to build a positive tab immediately towards money off a new phone in the future. - KID ANDROID. ( Team.Android.Canada)
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My son's prepaid phone on Telus has this feature and when his balance falls below a set amount it automatically tops up again. It can be quite handy.
Yes, With Virgin Mobile they also allow auto-top up when the credits is as low as 15$, for example. Koodo is owned by the same company as Telus. So if they do it at Telus, they can probably do it at Koodo, right?
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Hey Jenny, we don't have exactly what you're looking for but we do have 30 day automatic top ups that your family can subscribe to. Read more about it by visiting the FAQ section on our website: http://koo.do/ZtGheu. Also keep in mind that your top-ups never expire 🙂 See what I mean by reading this article: http://koo.do/VZGZZ5.