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Auto Top Up Suspends phone service

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I have been on auto top-up for close to 5 years now and today experienced loss of service due to Koodo's system not working properly!

My monthly renewal was May 1st this month and I received the usual text about it renewing a day before.  This morning, May 2, I left for work in the car only to discover wireless data would not work.  Upon arriving at the office I logged into my prepaid online to discover big red messages about base plan being expired a big message box indicating my service was suspended and that I should add funds before July to keep booster and phone number.  This text box also indicated to ignore this warning if auto top up was setup - which it has been for *years*.

It was at this point that I discovered my phone was completely disabled...no calling possible, no text, no data..nothing.  Thanks Koodo!

I sent a twitter DM at 8:35am EST to Koodo and received a reply at 1:11pm EST - a canned response telling me to call *611 or a toll free number.  So much for "live" and quick interactions on social media!   I tweeted Koodo because I don't have two hours to spend on hold calling in.  Even after updating Koodo that it "resolved itself" and asking for someone internal to check things out, I was brushed off and told to call the prepaid dept. Seriously, this is customer service???

I decided to wait until after 12pm to attempt anything further since this is the time each month I get a text from Koodo thanking me for using auto top up and that I saved 10% blah blah. 

Sure enough, 12:04pm arrived and I get the Koodo text message.  I quickly log back into online account, only to find all the red warnings and text boxes have gone and everything was normal - all phone services had been magically restored!!  So in a nutshell, I had no phone service for 12 hours because of a system issue.

If a mobile master can forward this internally for them to check and fix whatever is broken that is appreciated.  I have another phone due to renew on May 19th and do not want this to happen there, or for anyone else for that matter!

Some quick searching revealed similar issues months ago, so this is not the first time...but I hope it's the last!  Are you listening, Koodo - thanks for ruining my day.

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hi Chris,
I saw your frustration there. I saw few reports of delaying in processing with prepaid. Normally it were a few warnings and call service was fine. In your case, the phone service was disconnected, I would hope it was just one unique case. I flagged this to Koodo.
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@Chris. Calling or using Facebook /Twitter is always hit and miss. Calling can either get answered with a short hold time or get you hung up on. Same with Facebook /Twitter, they might take a few hours to respond or they might not respond at all. Lol a twitter response telling a customer to call *611. I bet Dinh loved that one.
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@Mats - so what you are saying is that all channels of service/support are hit and miss - LOL ;-)   It was definitely miss this time! ;-)  Bring on the AI and automation!

Here is another thread with a couple of people 4 to 6 months ago with the same/similar issues:

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@Dinh thanks for passing the note internally!  Koodo DM'd me today (and mentioned you) after they investigated with the prepaid team.  Fingers crossed that all will be well moving forward...for me and everyone! :)

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@Dinh thanks for passing the note internally!  Koodo DM'd me today (and mentioned you...Great to hear that you were given a satisfied answer.
If you have any issue, just come back to the forum. I believe Koodo is listening to their customer feedback.