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Auto Top-Up for Boosters on Pre-Paid?

I use my phone a lot and want to avoid it cutting out when I've run out of prepaid minutes. My base plan auto tops-up, is there a way to have auto-top-ups for boosters as well? E.g., I hit 10 minutes remaining and it automatically tops-up the minutes. Skype has this feature and it's great.

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Hi Daniel, The best thing you could potentially do is purchase multiple boosters, as long as you keep your base plan going then you won't loose any of the boosters. Boosters will remain on your account until they are used up or you stop paying the base plan and your account becomes "inactive"
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Hi Daniel, I would do what Mathieu suggested. I do it for my kids/ emergency phone. I put a bunch of $25 dollar talk boosters and the same with data so I don't have to worry about them running out when mommy wants to talk to them( and make them come home) lol. I have the monthly plan connected to my credit card so it keeps it going so they wont expire.
Thanks both - a great workaround but still unfortunately sub-optimal. I sometimes use my phone for work and would love the peace of mind knowing that my minutes will always top up.