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Anyone else had these problems?

Why is Koodo absolutely awful? My family and I are at the end of our rope with this terrible service. The website is horrendous and IMPOSSIBLY slow to load our account information, we've had tons of problems with billing, and it took us forever to even locate a way to contact customer service that didn't cost us any money! Not that it brought us any help once we did. So what I'm asking is, should I switch phone service providers, and has anyone else run into these problems?

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Im very happy with Koodo. My self serve on my app (iOS and Android) work fine. I log in to self serve on Chrome and Safari on PC and Mac with no issues (minus when they have weekend maintence, which can be annoying sometimes). My monthly plan charges and overages are expected and accurate and when I changed plans and got add-ons they were pro-rated accordingly. You can call koodo via *611 on any Koodo cell for free. All of Koodo's contact info is in the Contact Us link at the bottom of all of their webpages
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I'm also very happy with Koodo. I use to have a monthly plan and when there was an error on my bill, customer service corrected it immediately. The self serve on my desk top works fine too. Honestly I was with two other companies in the past and much prefer Koodo's prices, plans and customer service. I'm now with prepaid and that's not due to the error. It's just prepaid suits my cell phone usage. As Dennis mentioned you can call 611 on Koodo your cell for free, 1-866-995-6636. The Koodo community is also very helpful. 🙂
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Chiming in to say I'm happy with Koodo - and I'm on prepaid too. I do know they are working on a new website so they are probably putting less energy into maintaining the current site. Not that that is much of a comfort for you NOW, just explaining why things seem slow and buggy right now. I don't like that either! I'm surprised you mention having difficulties with getting support without paying money: I called them several times and never have I had to pay a penny. Mind you to play the devil's advocate: you posted your question in a community where the likelihood of the people who answer you are Koodo customers is roughly 100%... if you want UNBIASED answers you should ask your question in a neutral cell phone forum - there are a few of those 🙂
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Piling on the happiness train. I do have to say that even if I have an issue, not mistakes, just things that could be easier to do, people have posted their suggestions here and koodo didn't just pretend to listen they made them happen. Out of principal I don't give ten out of ten for anything but they definitely earned a nine from me. 🙂