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Activation issues..

I just activated a prepaid account online with Koodo and my phone still says no service on it, does the activation take some time or is this unusual?

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Hi Prince, Yes it could take up to 2 hours, you can speed it up by switching off your phone and (if possible) remove the battery for a few minutes 🙂 Did you buy the phone from Koodo?
No i had an unlocked iPhone 4s, so its also not possible to remove the battery. The original Carrier is Telus. But ill try rebboting the phone and see if that speeds things up..Thanks for the reply 🙂
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Do you have 3G enabled in the cellular settings?
You might also want to try the following: 1. Turn on airplane mode 2. Reboot phone 3. Turn off airplane mode Not sure if this will work 100%, but couldn't hurt to try. Its been awhile since I have had an iphone that was originally from a different carrier on Koodo.
have you tried re-syncing with iTunes? this will help sometimes as well..