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Activating prepaid line and phone says SIM is invalid.

I went to the Koodo kiosk and they gave me a 1-800 number and it was no help.

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Koodo uses different SIM cards for postpaid and prepaid. Please make sure you have the right card for the account/plan you're using. Prepaid Koodo SIM cards are marked "PrePaid" on top, so they're easy to spot.
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If your sim was already active (since you said you did a plan change) there's no need to reactivate it. Just put it in the phone and you're good to go.
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tomtom wrote:

What kind of phone do you have ? Invalid sim indicates that your phones is locked with your carri...

Hmmmm no, invalid sim could mean a myriad of different things. And if you're foolish enough to go to the website above and pay 50+ dollars on an unlock code when Koodo will unlock it for 35$ then Mazel Tov. Oy vey