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5.293MB of data used on startup????

I just signed up for Koodo prepaid with a 2GB data booster. After inserting my sim card and rebooting my phone, I wanted to test the mobile connection. I manually turned on data, saw that my phone could connect, and then turned it off.   When I went to SelfServe, I see that 5.293MB was already used! I checked my phone and only one app was running that used about 50kB. Why is SelfServe showing such high usage?. What is causing this? I can't afford to have 5MB suddenly used up every time I turn on data. My previous plan only had 100MB/month, so I am very conscious of how much data my phone uses.

When I search through the community forum, I didn't find a resolution, but I did find that others also experienced this sudden loss of data, and it is even exactly 5.293MB! Koodo, please explain and give my data back!


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Search for 'Data Reservation.' It will explain how a block of data is reserved for future use, and is returned to your pool if not consumed. It speeds the system by not having to confirm you have a block of data available.  Think of it like the pre-auth a hotel takes for your stay.

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Which phone was it? Can you post the snapshot of the Mobiledata that show 50kb? Many apps can run behind the scene and 5MB is not a big number these days. A simple email could also take 5MB.
Thanks. It looks like it was indeed a case of 'data reservation'. After using Koodo for a couple of weeks the data usage reported on my phone matches the SelfServe Usage History.
Thanks David! I was having the same problem and was wondering why my data usage went down in my account. Seems like this was the problem!