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$25 prepaid base plan offers local calls only starting at 7pm? Confused. Please help

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I currently have the $15 base plan and decided to switch to the $25 base plan the day before my $15 base plan renews.I just noticed it said 'local' calls starting at 7pm evenings and weekends. I do use voice boosters. So is this plan only for local calls or do the voice boosters allow you to make Canada wide calls? I live in Manitoba.

The nitty gritty states:

  1. Includes Canada-wide calling for Canada-wide plans and local calling otherwise. Unlimited evenings start at the time indicated (5pm or 7pm) and end at 8am the next day. Unlimited weekends start at 5pm or 7pm Friday and end at 8am Monday.

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The talk boosters are Canada Wide meaning those minutes are Canada Wide. The $25 plan is only local minutes though. Under "How to get started" and "Wanna know more" it says: The minutes included in the $25 base plan are for local calls. If you want to make or receive long distance calls, you'll need a Canada-wide Talk Booster add-on.

Another option if would be to switch to a post paid plan.
For $28/month you can get 100min, unlimited texting, unlimited evenings and weekends after 5pm.
This would be a great alternative if you have the $25/month prepaid plan with a $10/100min add-on!
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My understanding is the $25.00 base plan is for unlimited  calling from 7pm to 8 am weekdays, 7pm friday night to 8 am Monday  for local calls only.If I make long distance calls during those hours I'm still using minutes from my voice boosters? Otherwise I need the $35 base plan for free Canada wide calling starting at 7pm etc and it wouldn't use my voice boosters after 7pm and weekends?

I thought about a post paid plan since I'm using my phone more often.
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You would be correct. Here is a little table showing the usage on your add-on for calls that arent local.
Anytime minutes will be deducted from your Talk Booster add-on as follows:
  • 1 min call anywhere within Canada will deduct 1 min
  • 1 min call from Canada to the U.S. will deduct 2 mins
  • 1 min call from Canada to international locations will deduct 5 mins
I would suggest a post paid plan as it seems like a good fit for you with your current situation.