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$15 prepaid base plan

  • 13 July 2019
  • 3 replies

Does the $15 dollar base plan include any phone minutes at all? when it says unlimited text messaging, is that like old fashioned SMS, or is that whatapp/telegram??

3 replies

FYI re: $15 Text Base Plan: I have the $15 text base plan (without data). HOWEVER there is now a NEW $15 text base plan which now includes 250 MB data. I will be switching to this new $15 text base plan on my next prepaid renewal.

If you are looking to choose the $15 text base plan make sure you select the $15 text base plan which includes your 250 MB data. I wasn't aware of the NEW plan which includes data so I've been renewing the OLD plan which did NOT include data. Just pointing this out so you don't make the same mistake I did.

If you are switching over from another prepaid plan please do so near the end of your plan (in case of auto top ups) OR once your prepaid plan has expired (I don't have auto top up so I will wait until my current prepaid plan expires). Reason is because you will lose any remaining days associated with your current prepaid plan once you start your new prepaid plan.

To answer your questions ... please note that the $15 text base plan allows you sent to send unlimited international text AND picture messages. Below is the fine print for the $15 text base plan (taken from Koodo website):

Footnote: Includes international text messages sent and received anywhere in Canada. Availability of service will vary by country and is subject to change without notice. Excludes premium messages and subscription-based messages. Picture messaging includes international picture messages sent and received within Canada. Picture messaging is not supported by BlackBerry smartphones that are not on the BlackBerry 10 operating system.

Footnote: The $15 and $25 base plans requires a Talk Booster add-on and sufficient anytime minutes in your account to use voice features.

SENDING PHOTOS/PICTURES: to send photos/pictures with your text message (or I believe to even receive longer msgs which are in MMS form) your DATA button must be turned ON on your phone (I have an Android phone and this is the case). Even if you do NOT have a Data Booster added on you still must have your DATA button turned on in order to send/receive photos.

TALK MINUTES ARE NOT INCLUDED: you will NOT have any talk minutes. You will need to add a TALK booster in order to get talk minutes. Also, I believe if you register your credit card with Koodo you will get a FREE 100 Canada Wide Talk Booster Add on.

Info Below Taken From Website:
For a limited time, get a free 100 minute Canada-wide Talk Booster add-on9 when you register your credit card or Visa Debit card on your Koodo Prepaid Self Serve account.

WHATSAPP: is an APP you download (either from Google Play for Android Phones OR App Store for IOS (IPhone)). WHATSAPP uses WIFI (like sending texts BUT using WIFI). Koodo's $15 Text Base Plans allow you to send TEXTS because that's the service you're paying for. You do NOT need a Data Booster in order to send TEXT. If you only want text & talk minutes THEN get the $15 text base plan, add on a talk booster (or get the free talk booster by registering your credit card with Koodo).

Hope this info helps. It was a very long explanation so I hope I didn't confuse you.
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Does the $15 dollar base plan include any phone minutes at all? when it says unlimited text messaging, is that like old fashioned SMS, or is that whatapp/telegram??
Such a complicated answer. The 15$ base plan does not include minutes nor WhatApp/Telegram (they use data). So unless you're connected to wi-fi, you won't be able to send unlimited message through those platforms.
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The new prepaid plan ncludes 250MB of data. This is plenty enough for WhatsApp/Telegram.

But, as Robert said, if you run out of data, you still have (old fashioned) unlimited text/picture messages .