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$15 base plan and $20 data add on

I am going to buy a prepaid sim card with base plan $15 and $20 data add on. Is this combination gonna work when I am traveling to Calgary? Or I need to buy the canada wide base plan? Thanks

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$15 base plan only gives you texting. If you want to talk at all, you will need a Canada-Wide Talk Booster add-on or upgrade to another base plan that includes voice minutes as well. Your data add-on will work Canada-wide.
Thanks. So $25 base plan Will do? Both test n talk in Vancouver and Calgary ?
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These plans can be very confusing:

$15 base + [i]any[b] [i][b]booster for anytime minutes covers you [i]coast to coast for voice. Minutes never expire as long as your base plan is kept up to date. You can adjust the number of minutes you want to buy, and they are valid anywhere in Canada.

$25 [i][b]base plan[b] only gives you evening and weekends [i][b]local calling[b] - no long distance.

Data booster is good coast to coast.