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10% credit on prepaid billing not received

When we auto-pay each month with a credit card, we're suppose to receive a 10% credit ($1.50 on $15 in my case) on my base plan. I didn't get it this month. Why?

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You'll start getting it the first full month after setting up pre authorized payments. Also if you've had pre authorized payments enabled before Koodo began offering the discount you will need to remove it and then apply it again to begin getting the discount.
I started this back in March - got it last month for the first time. So none of the reasons you stated apply.
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Hi Gary, It seems a number of prepaid customers have not received their credit this month, see: http://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/thank_you_koodo_for_the_10_discount_on_prepaid You're not alone! Koodo are looking into this as you can see and they might contact you for additional information, so they can troubleshoot this month's issue 🙂 Thanks for flagging it! In the meantime, you can call (*611) to have your credit manually applied to your account.
Hi - thanks Sophie - I just called Koodo and they manually applied the credit. Hopefully it will be fixed for next month.
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I just noticed I didn't receive the 10% credit this month for auto top-up (I have been receiving it for the past year or so, and my account renewed two days ago). My credit card has not expired - after all, the payment went through. Guess I'll have to call in and find out what happened.