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10% ATU credit

I have Pre-Paid and the 10% credit for ATU. This credit does not show up on my bill; is it accumulating within my account and if so, how do I access these funds? FYI, I have a $15 base-plan that is ATU. I see the 1.50 credit per month but this is not reflected in my credit card payment.

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This is a rebate that accumulates in your account, and you can see it when you log in to self-serve. You can use the funds to purchase boosters. Some people have mentioned that they reduce the credit card top-up amount for a month or two and still get the full 10% of the base plan credited - I have not tried this myself.
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You need to reduce your ATU amount to $13.50 to make use of the $1.50. Or you can use the ATU to buy boosters