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Outstanding tab balance for returned phone?

I have an outstanding tab balance for a phone that I returned to the store I bought it from within the buyer's remorse period. How can I get this fixed? I have tried calling but to no avail...

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Your tab balance should get removed if you returned the phone. If you just returned it it might take some time to reflect on your tab balance.

You can request a callback through the assistant to inquire about it.

Thanks for your reply.

I returned it last week. I called again today and now the response is there is no record of any return.

So now I'm essentially I have to pay $360 for a phone I don't even own and full $210 upfront for the tab of the phone that I have instead of paying it off $10 per month.

Buyer beware when dealing with Walmart Wireless and Koodo!
When you returned the phone to Walmart they must have given you something that shows you returned the phone. Do you have this?
I got the return receipt but that does not seem to be good enough for Koodo.

Right now I'm in a loop with Koodo saying to going back to store and store saying to call Koodo,

You have any more suggestions or should I file a complaint with CCTS.
I would go back to Walmart and have them call Koodo while you're there telling them that you indeed did return the phone. A little early to file a complaint. If they still give you the runaround after a couple days then you have no choice.