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Loyalty People and Customer Service People are very Rude

I spoke to Loyalty Manager Joud and Customer Service Valentine. Both were very rude. I am with koodoo from almost 8 years and have two lines. I am almost planning to switch over to some other company. Even the manager Joud was asking me to go rogers.

Worst Customer Service.

koodoo mobile Loyality Manager Joud told me to leave Koodoo and join rogers for a simple reason I gave them feedback to improve customer service and quality to its clients.
He argued with me and I also recorded his call when he told me why dont you go to rogers.
I am with koodoo from 8 years and have two wireless lines. They stopped their direct call service to Koodoo Assist. Then koodoo Assist arrange a call back with minimum wait of 3- 4 hours.
Their prices and plans are not competitive. One advisor Valentine disconnected my call instead of transferring it to his manager.
I requested Mr Joud the Loyality manager to arrange a call back from Presidents office or higher authority so as a loyal client from 8 years I can give them feedback. Imagine What was Mr Joud's Reply? Sir why dont you join Rogers and leave us. WOW !!
If the mangers in Koodoo company are like this, Then what you an expect from other advisors in the same company.
If anyone higher authority in koodoo is reading my comments, please do call me at 416-999-8309 So I can give you feedback.
Thanks ! Aman.