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Compliments to Customer Service agents

  • 19 April 2019
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Attention owners of Koodo :)
The main thing that sets Koodo apart from any other mobile phone company is their over-the-top outstanding customer service! Because of these agents, I continue to be a happy and loyal Koodo customer for many years. Plans come and go, phones change and this industry has fickle customers who change companies if the service sucks so kudos to Koodo for hiring the best service agents!

I would suggest and highly recommend you give them all a nice raise! Dealing with the public who usually only call with problems can be mentally difficult over time so a little extra compensation would be a nice thank you to them.

I would like to send out a compliment to every single agent I've ever had to deal with since I've opened my account many years ago. I always say I'm going to write Koodo and mention them by name but it ends up slipping my mind...

Today I would like to take the opportunity to give a huge shout-out to 2 agents who I dealt with on April 17th. I received a schedule customer service call at 7:30 pm from Neil (sorry didn't get operator 😵 who was very kind, patient, thorough, knowledgeable and tried his best to help solve my problem. Instead of escalating my frustration, he de-escalated it by remaining calm and friendly while continuing to try resolving things before eventually transferring me to his 'supervisor'. David (Id# 952836) was also very kind, patient, thorough and knowledgeable . He went out of his way to resolve my issue but more than that, he ended up finding ways for me to save money I didn't know about. He actually made feel your first priority is the customer!

Thanks again for your outstanding customer service agents!

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@Ms Sabela I see who you talked to and will definitely pass on your warm compliment! Thanks for taking the time. Likely not a surprise if I share with you that more people prefer to complain (it's in our DNA) than compliment so it's a bit of a breath fresh air to see your post! 🙂