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An apology and a recommendation

  • 27 April 2019
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I would like to apologize without reservation for my previous posts and talks with management in customer service, where I sunk down to unprofessional and at times rude comments. I am very sorry.

I had an issue with some charges that I still feel are erroneous( I won't re-hash the details here again), and after speaking with multiple customer service agents including managers, going around and around in circles without resolving anything, which added up to multiple hours on the phone. I posted a question here and really begun feeling like I was getting no where, and that my concerns were not being taken seriously.

More importantly, it felt like Koodo was not valuing me as a customer, even though I have been with the company for quite a while, have always paid my bill 100%, and on time. Upgraded my plan, brought more people to the company.

My issue amounted to a very small amount of money, it was the principle that matters to me. After dealing with all of this, for over a week ( which was already a very rough month, mentally for me), I became a lot less kind and professional than what I normally try to be. I completely apologize for my comments that were borne of my frustrations with the situation.

I would like to remain a customer with Koodo, as they do get many things right. Although I have a recommendation, that I feel really needs to be looked at seriously. I strongly believe that there needs to be a much more rigorous and transparent process for customers complaint resolutions.

When a customer feels they are correct about a situation and Koodo feels that the company, is just as correct. I believe some sort of more in-depth process that can look at any evidence that is available ( from customer or company) would help things go smoother. Now granted, the customer may not always feel, like they received the resolution they wanted. Though they should at least feel like their concerns were taken seriously and that the company values it's customers and their time/money.

I would also recommend ( perhaps it's already possible) that customers be able to edit/delete comments from themselves in this forum. Also perhaps let customer change forum-login-name. ( For possible temporary hot-heads, like some people are)

My first objective for this post is to sincerely apologize for my previous unprofessionalism. Again, I am very sorry. My Second objective( without detracting from the first) is that I hope it prompts Koodo to think about its processes, in a way that helps improve it's customer's feeling valued.

Thank-you for hearing me out.

2 replies

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You can edit any comment or reply you make in this forum for about an hour after you make it, but after that it's permanent. Handy for those whoops moments....

We also have the option of quoting then appending a follow-up. If editing and deletion were allowed at any time, it could make for some completely unfollowable threads.
You can edit any comment or reply you make in this forum for about an hour after you make it, but after that it's permanent. Handy for those whoops moments....
Thanks Bob, I guess it's permanent now, would be nice to be able to correct mistakes from longer ago. Have a good day 🙂