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Y cant i get 2 GB of data instead of 1 GB for a reasonable price???

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The plan that includes 2 GB of data is $5 more than the 1 GB plan. Currently, there's a bonus 2 GB offer on select plans, making the 2 GB plan a 4 GB plan.
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Promos always change. 2016 Christmas rush (November/December 2016) the 1GB data plan was doubled. Back on Black Friday 2015 the 1GB data was doubled as well.
I agree with OP that it'd be nice to have 2GB data plan at a reasonable price, since certain websources suggest that most cellphone users use on average 1-2 GB data per month.
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-Lack of competition is the marketplace.  
-New entrants start at a disadvantage since they lack network size (Even Telus and Bell had to partner up to create a national wide 3g network)
-MVNOs arent given the advantages as compared to European MVNOs