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wow, just signed up for my first phone contract....

can't believe how hard it is to get their service email.... It's like they are hiding and want the community to do all the work.  Not a great first feeling..
anyway, my question is this.  Koodo had 2GB extra on the $65 plan until last Sunday. I signed up Monday and didn't get it. Now today they have it again for Bright Friday. How do i get this?  amazes me they drop it for 4 days so they can use it as a promo.....feeling a bit ripped...

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Because it's been such a short time you can try sending a private message to Koodo via Facebook Messenger or DM via Twitter to see if they can do it for you then but there's no guarantees.
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We didn't change anything Travis. It sounds like the Best Buy rep may have not processed the activation correctly. Just send us a private message as per Goran and we'll help out. 
Thanks for the fast replies guys, I guess I jumped to conclusions, sorry.         but I guess I'm sort of slow here. I sent a message on FB and got no reply. Is there a special way to send a "private message"? or are they just not answering it yet?
I don't have Twitter ....

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T wrote:

Thanks for the fast replies guys, I guess I jumped to conclusions, sorry.      &nb...

Other than Email and PM through FB, you can call them *611.  But it usually very loong wait time. So, PM is quicker.
But now their response is slower because of black Fridays deal, web crush and self serve issues...etc 
You get quick answers/helps here for billing/plan questions and/or phone/tech issues tho ;)