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work phone/personal phone!

Ok. I like a lot of other people have invested a good amount of money into our smartphones/ superphones. I, like a lot of other people also work a physically demanding job that may damage or destroy a $600+ phone so we take the chance and carry it with us at all times to stay "connected" . Now. What if there was another option. Now I personally have an LG G2 and a basic LG phone. I switch the SIM card in the cheap one when I go to work so I can receive my calls, texts and even an email if I HAVE to. Sure the convenience is not easy especially seeing one is a micro SIM and the other a nano SIM I have to put the other part of the SIM to make it work. But it works and bring piece of mind that my expensive pride and joy is safe. Although I do bring it along in a safe place in case I need the features. This would make for a two fold sale to the customer with two phones........but and I don't know if it's even possible but what if you never had to change the SIM and still have the ability of having a smart and basic phone? If you could have 2 SIM cards with same number on them attached. Obviously it would have to be if one phone is on the other would have to be off or the SIM would not work.. details. But it would be a great feature and I am confident it would catch on. Convenience. . Safe. And it wouldn't hurt that 2 handsets could be bundled for a premium or outright sell 2 handsets to a customer. Think about to. It would work awesome. And would catch on. I am sure.

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I do this as well very good idea u have