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Wont let me add on the $5 Int'l Long Distance Saver add-on without buying new phone??

  • 24 September 2022
  • 2 replies

Help please. I’m trying to add on the $5 international long distance saver (to make calls to Portugal) via the Self Serve menu but everytime I click to buy the add on it tells me to buy a phone. I just want to actually ADD-ON the service. What am I doing wrong? 

2 replies

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@LesterB Hmmm….I guess my first question is if you are logged into your account? On overview page, the right side, you should see the below:

Click ‘manage plan and add-ons’ then repeat on the naext page and you will get to the list of add-ons available. 

I just tried and have experienced no problem adding it.  Hope this helps!

Thank you, Bernard. I tried four times to add on while logged into my account without luck until I tried a 5th time & Yay! Success!  Not sure why but just glad it works now. Appreciate you taking time to help. It was super frustrating!