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With a monthly plan, can I add 500 minutes for 25 $?

I have the basic monthly plan (30$ / month) and I would like to add more minutes to the 100 I have. Is is possible to pay 25$ for 500 minutes like the prepaid card? Thx

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No but you can just continue using minutes and you'll be billed according to your plan. Check your self love serve to see you plans per minute charges. Or simply add the 20$ unlimited calling add on to your plan.
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Or add the unlimited minutes add-on for $20/month It will be pro-rated based on how many more days are left in your billing cycle. I would then remove it when your billing cycle ends. And when my minutes reach the limit again in the future I would add it back on again. This way you never pay the full $20/month. Only when you have reached your minute limit. However you need to be very mindful of how many minutes you use