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Wireless home phone: do I need to change from $5 promo plan to a plan that has anytime minutes to make affordable outgoing LD calls?

I've recently set up the wireless home phone, with the promotional $5 a month plan. I regularly call the US and Uruguay so I purchased the $3/mth international long distance saver to make calls at $.05/min and $.15/min respectively. Before I start making long distance calls, my question is this: will I get these LD rates with the $5 plan, or do I need to change my plan to one that has anytime minutes or else I will get dinged $.50/min for these calls? If the answer is yes, I need a different plan...I'm confused since all the plans have data and texting which I won't need/use on the home phone. Any info/ideas would be much appreciated! Justin

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It is the only wireless home phone plan. It includes unlimited nationwide minutes. The 5 dollars a month is a promotion of the one plan; not another. You put in the add-on for reduced per minute charges for international calls and that's what you will be charged. That's all.
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All wireless home phone minutes are 'anytime minutes', so you should not need to change your plan. 
Thanks Goran and David for the quick replies, much appreciated.