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Will UK unlimited add-on work while travelling in US if you have US roaming add-on as well?

If you have added the US Unlimited Minutes & Text add-on and you have the UK unilimited add-on, will calls to the UK while you are travelling in the United States be free? If not, at what rate would calls to the UK from the US cost?

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I don't believe so, just by thinking how the carrier agreements would work. Website is down at the moment so I can't check any rates at the moment. Will double check
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Hello B,

Just to confirm what Ahmad said, it is indeed not possible to stack Roaming add-ons. Thank you and happy travels 🙂
Thanks Daniel but I think characterising it as "stacking roaming add ons" is not quite accurate. The question was about a US roaming add on and a UK long distance add on. So what will the $/min rate be to call a UK landline or mobile while travelling in the Unites States (if one has the US talk and text roaming add on)?
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US roaming add on works if you call US and Canada while you are in US.
UK long distance add on works if you make calls to UK while you are in Canada.

If you make calls to UK while you are in US, I believe you will need to pay Pay-per-use of roaming minutes of $1.5/min plus long distance charge per min. I don't know how much is the long distance charge rate for UK from US. It could be $0.5 or $1 per min or more. So you will need to pay $2 or $2.5 per minutes.(or more)