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Will the S2X work on mobilicty(its unlocked)

Well I unlocked it and want the 25$ unlimited talk text and data plan

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Its best to ask this question on their forum (if they got any). Just make sure you know the frequency your phone is on and their frequency. Just to let you know, the coverage of Mobilicity is extremely limited. They are only available on major cities in Canada. As soon as you leave your zone, they charge you roaming and they can be expensive.
I'm in Toronto right now and don't plan on leaving for a long time
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I don't think it'll be compatible, unfortunately.
I did some research. It is. Good day all.
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Doesn't make much sense to switch to mobi. Coverage sucks, and they stopped putting money in it last year. They are now negotiating with telus who is about to buy them. This was never about bringing competition to canada. I bet from the day one all they were thinking about how quickly they can cash in. Telus is offering about $350 mill. Not a lot of money for all that spectrum and a handful of customers.
It will work. The Samsung Galaxy S II X can utilize the AWS Frequency. But why switch to Mobilicity? Mobilicity is a good company price wise but remember, the AWS frequency does not penetrate well through walls as well as the frequencies Koodo and Telus uses.
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Mobilicity is up for sale? Wow, that didn't last long.
Well then what do you guys suggest. I have the option for a cheap plan with either wind mobile or mobilicity, mobilicity being cheaper but winds not far behind.
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How many minutes do you currently use in the month? I know they offer unlimited calling at an affordable price but if you don't call a whole lot then "UNLIMITED EVERYTHING" is not really necessary... and it's a much smaller coverage area with way slower data speeds and lower wall penetration. One of my friends lives in Toronto and is with Mobilicity. His phone cuts out in his apartment, in elevators, some other buildings... The LTO $39 data plan is great if you're not a huge data user and offers a good amount of stuff for the money. So does the $45 data plan.