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Will Koodo give me my old plan back?

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I quit Koodo approximately November or December 2013. I have the statements with my last bill, account number, although not handy at the moment. The reason I quit is I was moving to an area with no Kooodo coverage for 6-7 months and had to go with another provider. Now I'm back and would like to be with Koodo again. My phone is unlocked. My old plan was the $25 Canada wide talk and text plan with 200 min. Would Koodo be able to give my old monthly plan back if I call? Or too late now? Thanks!

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You are too late. Unfortunately you can only choose from the current plans
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Thanks Dennis for your help 🙂
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shelley wrote:

Thanks Dennis for your help :)

You can still take advantage of the new plans, they have unlimited calling after 5 p.m. compared with 7 p.m. on your old plan!!!