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will changing my plan give me immediate access to the dat

  • 26 July 2019
  • 2 replies

A app used 740mb of my data in the background and I hit my limit for my current plan, problem is, I'm babysitting my sisters next week and need to data to contact our parents if something happens. If I chose to move up a plan, can I use the data immediately?

2 replies

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With SFD plan, it will pause your data when it hit your limit.
Then you have options to purchase more data.
If you have a good plan right now, you don’t need to upgrade your plan unless you need/want to do it.
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Yes but the data will be pro-rated based on the remaining period of your billing cycle.

Did you want to permanently change your plan or just to get you through this billing period?

Why not just choose one of the shock free data options