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WiFi Calling & VolTe on Essential PH-1

  • 6 January 2021
  • 5 replies

Saw a 2 year old thread on this saying it would be available eventually. Is it now? If it is, how do I enable it? Thanks!

5 replies

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Please follow the instructions here to activate





Thanks, did all that but I think I need the VolTe add-on on my service? How do I do that? Can’t find it on self-serve...

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 You will have to contact Koodo on FB at www.m.me/Koodo so they can add it. 

Add-on activated and all, but when I go an turn on the VolTe and WiFi calling options on my phone, nothing happens. I guess the essential phone just isn't supported? Is it because we don't get updates anymore since the company went down last year? Tried to put my sim card in my SO iPhone 8, activation worked, but back in my PH-1 still nothing happening.

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If the phone’s not on the list, it is not supported.