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Why were new charges added to my plan I don 't have Data etc.

All of a sudden I have a charge for Data I never use data, my old phone is for text and call only, I haven;t changed my plan at all. But find an extra charge on this bill for Data. Why? Also why is there no phone number so I can call as it is quiet likely I won't see the answer to this if isn't emailed or I get a phone call.

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Still not an answer! No it isn't. You haven't given her the phone number. Edith, you can get a hold of customer service by dialing 611 from your Koodo mobile phone or:

Thanks, I just got a call from Koodo. Everything is being taken care of.
Yes and within hours of my posting the comment! a very nice gentleman called.
Still not an answer!
Still not an answer! Actually Rudy I wasn't even able to do that as I was unable to get the PDF to load so I could see the details, but that is also being looked into. 🙂
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You can have data charges even with an older phone. You may have accidentally done something that used data. Take a look at your detailed usage online. You are already here with a bunch of us customer so you don't need to call. Koodo is a self serve company so calling is not the most efficient. Plus, there are charges for calling as well in the event you ask them something that you can do yourself. Pretty standard nowadays.
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Still not an answer! Sure it is. 🙂 Your account shows exactly when you used data, accidentally or otherwise, down to the date. I'm afraid you do have to do some of your due diligence Edith.
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Thanks, I just got a call from Koodo. Everything is being taken care of. That's frigging awesome! Just got a call out of the blue?