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Why was Stream+ added to my account?

I just got an email in my inbox saying recent changes had been made and Stream+ had been added to my account (I know for certain I did not). I immediately logged in and cancelled the add-on. this is the second time this happens. I have been with Koodo for over a decade.  This is getting Annoying! this better stop! KOODO you will loose customers if this continues!


Best answer by Darius Koodo 22 May 2023, 22:22

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@Angel19 We certainly wouldn’t have added it to your account! This would possibly mean, if no else in the household added it, that someone figured out you username and password.  Unfortunately this seems to happen from time to time as reported in the news and as you can see the Canadian government even posted  online. We would strongly recommend to change your password to prevent any other activity from happening. 

We will monitor your account if there were any charges for Stream+ that will, of course be credit back,

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I verified the account and it seems like the Stream+ add-on was indeed added through the online Self Serve account and was removed in the same day through the same method. 

I would recommend to change the password, as mentioned above. 

In regards to any charges, I confirmed that there were partial charges present however, the feature was removed in the same day so the charges were removed through a credit for the same charged amount. 

It will appear on your next bill as a charge and a credit: 

Stream+ $xx amount (charge)

Stream+ -$xx amount (credit) 

Because the feature was added and removed in the same day, there would be no extra charges to be paid. 


You also have the help page for changing the password in the link here.  

Same thing happened to my account. Stream+ was added to my account and was charged the $28

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Hello @ed208 

We were not able to authenticate via the e-mail here however I would recommend scheduling a call-back via our KOODO Virtual Assistant 

One of our colleagues will be able to look into that for you!