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Why only max 1 GB of data?

Why do you only offer 1GB for data plans when MTS offers 1, 2, 3 and unlimited?

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That's just the promotional plan and what's included, you can go over and the overages are cheap. Then with the talk and text plans you get the data Saver where you only pay for what you use on different levels from 0 to 3gb on the tiers
Right now, until the 18th of March, Koodo is offering 2GB on their $60 Canada-Wide Data Plan. This includes an overage rate of $5 per 500MB. They also offer up to 3GB on the Pay Per Use Data Saver on the Canada-Wide Talk and Text plans. This includes and overage rate of $10 per GB.
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Also keep in mind Sask/Manitoba are very different markets, and their regional carriers have to offer deals like this to keep people off the national brands.
Its all timing, back in august i got a plan with 6 gigs they only offered it for 2 weeks. You just gotta keep a look out for amazing deals