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Why my monthly bill is so high

I have some questions regarding my phone bill. Last month I payed the amount of $122.09 but my plan is only $30. So I seldom used my phone call and data outside this month because I know it will reflect on my bills. But now I received that my bill for this month is $104 again that is so high for my plan. At the same time I’m almost 4 monrhs here in Canada and still unemployed. I don’t want to pay for this amount because my money is limited for my everyday living. Can someone please answer me and what to do about this? Thank you.

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Have you reviewed your PDF bill downloaded from self-serve. It will have all the details of your billing costs. If you post a copy here, minus any personal information, someone can help you interpret the charges. Remember, we are customers too, so can’t see your bill.
I think in your case, switching to prepaid is a better idea. At least you won't have a shocking bill. Now Koodo has a $55 plan for unlimited province-wide call and 2GB data, which should be good enough for most people.
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Page 3 of your bill(s) will explain any extra charges.
This is my last bill for August

This is for Sept

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In August you went over your included minutes by 176 minutes, resulting in an overage charge of 86.50. In September you went over again, by roughly 112 minutes. The bill shows that you did switch to a plan with more minutes, but changing your plan near the end of the month does not retroactively prevent you from going over. If your usage remains the same, next month you should not see any more overage charges.
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Hi, Your Plan on August had only 100minutes and it showed 173minutes of overlimit. 173x0.5 = $86.5; So the cost was 86.5+30 = 116.5 before tax
In September, you changed your plan with 500minutes on Sep03?, I didn't see the detail charge of the additional minutes so I am not sure. But if you used all your minutes (96? because you changed your plan) before Sep03, those additional minutes were still be charged because they are used before Sep03.
I, too, question this immensely.  When I went to Europe, I bought the $40 twice to cover all overseas calling.  I made maybe 30 minutes of calling on my cell phone.  When I take photographs, my phone immediately defines the location where each photograph was taken.  Having taken about 600 photographs over the almost 4 weeks, I found out $600 later that choosing to take photos caused my iPhone to connect with the satellites each time that I took a photograph.  I am VERY disturbed to have received this bill and, especially considering that I put the $40/month on for two months, that the cost is so very, very huge.  I wish I had known that each time I took a photograph I was to be charged about $1.  Ugh.
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Caroline KG wrote:

I, too, question this immensely.  When I went to Europe, I bought the $40 twice to cover all...

When I take photographs, my phone immediately defines the location where each photograph was taken.

Yes, having geolocation turned on for your camera is an option you choose on your iPhone. It uses the data network (not satellites) to determine your location.  If so, you would very quickly run through the 50MB of data per month included in the travel plan. Unless you have local SIM, most of us recommend turning your data off entirely when using Koodo international travel plans.
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wow, this is the first time I heard about this issue with iPhone, I think it is absurd. You could also check in with Apple to make sure how did they use location tagging with photos. I did roaming sometime but never being charged for taking photos!
The CRTC stated that provider should stop the data usage until they have users consent to continue when the overage roaming charge over $100. http://crtc.gc.ca/eng/phone/mobile/limit.htm
I would suggest you call and dispute it if you didn't make any consent. Either Apple or Carrier need to explain clearly.