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why koodo has worst data plans and cut data after reach limit?

  • 8 September 2020
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I have Koodo account 12 years, but now I am planning to close it.  Now Koodo doesn’t offers plans like Telus or Rogers 15Gb for 65$, and cut data when I reach my limit. But Telus and Rogers just cut speed to 512kb.  

  Question- why Koodo has worst data plans?

7 replies

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It was designed that way by the big 3 carrier. The top tiers (Bell/Telus/Rogers) have “unlimited throttled” data plans. The 2nd tiers (VirginMobile/Koodo/Fido) have block once you reach data limit. 

If you like the feature “unlimited” but throttled, you would have to select the top tier one, unfortunately. 

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@Elena Tkacheva  You have a $55 10gb plan on one of the lines. It is a very competitive one.  TELUS does have $65 15gb in our region if you believe that is something better suited we can help set up with them.  We run on the same network as them and often help customers to be set up as we are sister brands. :-) 

I want exactly same plan like in Telus - 15 GB for 65$ without cutting data after I reach my limit. I want just cut a speed to 512kb.

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@Elena Tkacheva  Yes, with TELUS you can certainly have that. 

Can I get exactly same plan with Koodo?

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@Elena Tkacheva  Unfortunately no. :-(  But TELUS is more than happy to welcome YOU. :-) 

Ok,thank you for your answer. Looks like I will change Koodo for Telus or Rogers. Koodo’s data plans with small amount of GIGs and cutting data absolutely don’t fits to me.

 I sure it is not only my opinion