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why is my phone suddenly telling me that it cannot call my boyfriend's phone because I don't have US roaming charges? We both live in Ontario Canada in the same city. and now suddenly today I can't get a hold of him anymore?

  • 18 May 2023
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Suddenly I can no longer phone my boyfriend because it says the call is not supported because I don't have US roaming. I don't live anywhere close to the US in Canada and neither does my boyfriend. I called him yesterday no problem and the day before him. But suddenly today koodo has decided that We can no longer talk on the phone?

1 reply

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Are you connected to Koodo’s network? Also, sometimes, restarting your phone can help resolve temporary network or software issues. Turn off your phone, wait for a few seconds, and then turn it back on. After the restart, try making the call again to see if the issue persists.