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why i can't send mms. i have msg/mms unlimited and i use a htc one V.

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MMS requires that mobile data be turned on. You don't get charged for any data usage through MMS, but you have to be careful not to let other apps use data.
Are you able to browse through koodo (not the wifi) ? Can you see the Letter H on the top next to the signal strength bars ?
no i dont see the H. what i need to do to see it?
you have to make sure that Mobile network under settings is on and the APN is selected. Here is the path to check the APN Settings>Mobile network> Access Point Names. you should find KOODO SP with green dot .
did it but still can't send a picture... and i dont see the H
Ok ! if you have access to self serve than login and check if you have a "block data" in the add-ons. If so take it off. If you do not have access to selfserve then call Technical support .