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Why does koodo no longer allow you to add voicemail to plans?

Before you were able to add voicemail onto your existing plan but for some reason they have decided to take that option away. I know that the new plans come with voicemail already but for those of us who like our old plans this is very inconvenient and inconsiderate for koodo to do.

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Because voice-mail is included in all of the more modern plans. If you're interested in voice-mail and you have an older plan you have some options

1. upgrade your plan

2. Use conditional call forwarding to forward your missed calls to a voice-mail service. 3. Setup your own voice mail service using voip.ms and use conditional call forwarding to send calls there. Both 2 & 3 should be paired with the koodo call forwarding add on.
As stated previously, I know that the new plans have voicemail included.
What I had a problem with is the fact that koodo will not let those with an older plan add it on and are forcing them to change their plan. Why would they change this now instead of appreciating the loyalty of their long-term customers? Now I regret not adding it when I had the chance but I had no idea the option would be taken away from me and, at the time, I was still in school and could not afford the added expense.
I thought I would give koodo the chance to explain here rather than posting a complaint on twitter or whatever in case they have a solution.
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Kdot wrote:

As stated previously, I know that the new plans have voicemail included.
What I had a problem wit...

Any in-market plans and add-ons are subject to change at anytime.
This change was made a couple of years ago
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Hey Kdot,

Promotions, plans and add-ons come and go. The Voicemail (as an add-on) is no longer available and if you need this feature, you'll need to follow Chad's advice or you can change your plan. As you know, all our current plans include the Voicemail 🙂.

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What plan do you have? Is it  one of older plan like $15 for 50 text,50 min?(No vm, no caller ID)
if so, your usage is within 50 min and 50 text a month.

If you need the vm, you might want to check Koodo's prepaid service since the cheapest monthly plan is $35 now... 😕
$15 base plan includes unlimited text,Voicemail, Call Display, Call Waiting. 
You can buy a Talk Booster add-on (it doesn't expire if you renew a base plan.

I know it will increase your monthly payment. But Koodo is no longer offering your plan and some add-ons. But if you need the vm, your option will be follow Chad's advice, switch to another monthly plan, or change to prepaid plan.
Compare what you have now and what you will get with your choice before you switch.